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Full House Public Adjusters goal is to provide you a “One-Stop” shop when dealing with the process of an insurance claim.  We offer every service you will need and have alliances with great licensed and insured vendors as well.

Public Adjuster

We can negotiate and adjust any insurance claim your home or business may have.  We can reopen and adjust old claims as well. 

We go to bat for you when you have been denied by your insurance company

Hours of Operation

Our work hours revolve around you. We’re open when you’re available

We understand that your schedule may require us to be there when most companies are closed. 


Length of Visit

We are always willing to put in as much time as required to give a favorable result. Every job is different. Some require more time than others and our rates are fixed. 

General Contractor

Full House Public Adjusters will never insist that you use a specific contractor or vendor.  We always want you to make the decision of who is to repair your home.  That being said, we work very closely with local general contractors that will visit your home and give us their assessment and pricing if needed.  

Water Restoration & Mitigation

Full House Public Adjusters has developed great relationships with many licensed and insured Water Mitigation companies in all areas of Florida.  Depending on your location, we can have someone on site the same day to begin your restoration.  Most instances, under the new AOB (assignment of benefits) law that just passed as of July 1st, 2019, we can still begin work right away and not have the homeowner pay out of pocket for these services. 


Although Full House Public Adjusters is not allowed to give you Legal advice, we work very closely with a Law firm that can.  If the time comes that we need to use a Law firm, we can speak with the professionals immediately. Full House Public Adjusters meets with lawyers weekly and spend hours setting up claims for this process.

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