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When your Insurance company wants to delay, deny or underpay your insurance claim, we can help. Let our team go to work for you!

Full House Public Adjusters. Never settle for less

About Us

Full House Public Adjusters, based out of Boynton Beach, Florida, is now state wide and able to handle any type of home insurance claim quickly, ethically, and fairly.  We strive to protect our clients from the pitfalls of becoming a statistic in the never-ending delay, deny, or underpay tactics all insurance carriers do.  “There is always more money left on the table, its just a matter of moving it onto your table, not theirs.”


John Franzese, a native Floridian, was born in Miami in 1976.  Married with 2 children, John worked as a licensed Plumber for 15 years building homes and making plumbing repairs. John worked nights and weekends with a Public Adjuster as their plumbing contractor.  “I learned a lot working with a public adjuster, so much so that, I started taking the classes and spent 2 years getting certified and licensed.” John opened Full House Public Adjusters in 2018 after working for another Public Adjuster company and a Law firm that strictly deals with Homeowner Defense against Insurance claims. “It is much easier for me to have my own company, this way I can give each client the attention they need to help them along the process.  I was not able to do that working for other companies. I wanted to be a one stop shop and handle everything from writing the estimates to save time instead of subbing that out, to having a team of contractors and water mitigation companies I could trust to get the job done right.”

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